10 New Year's Resolution 2020 Ideas To Live Your Best Life

New year, new you, right?! Okay, so we’re a lil guilty of choosing new years resolution ideas that we can only keep up for a couple of days (stop eating chocolate being one of them), but this year we’ve got some totally achievable New Year's resolution 2020 ideas. When xmas is officially done and you’re ready to get your sh*t together in time for 2020, check out these new years resolution ideas for all the inspo. We promise that it’ll be your best year yet, babe.

Start A New Class At The Gym

It’s time to dust off that membership card that you got last Jan and head back down to the gym! Don’t do it for the gorj personal trainer that you’re crushin’ on, do it for yourself, girl! Need a bit of a hand getting motivated again? We recommend starting a new class at the gym, whether you’re a cardio queen or powerlifting boss babe. It’s one of the best new year’s resolutions for you mental health and your bod.

Be More Confident

If you’ve spring cleaned your pad this new year, it’s time to do some mental housekeeping too! Figure out what’s holding you back and stopping you from being confident. Practice some meditation, watch some YouTube vids to get clued up on confidence tips and do something out of your comfort zone to build some killa confidence. You glow, gurl.

Get To Bed Early

We’ve all been there. You’ve actually managed to make it into bed for 10pm, but a quick scroll down Insta, then you blink and it’s 2am. Not ideal. One of our good new years resolutions ideas is to set alarms to go to bed as well as to wake up. Cue less concealer in the morning and your coworkers asking what your secret is!

Stop Spending

Put down the purse. If the festive season has officially rinsed your bank balance, you’re deffo not alone. It’s the most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year, so Jan needs to be a lil more about pinching the pennies. Consider closing the tabs you have open on your laptop with all those super spenny items and head over to our sale section to ensure that you survive the winter season.

Get A House Plant

So it’s one of our more unique new year’s resolutions, but getting a house plant is like, totally meaningful (we swear). Practice that all important responsibility in the form of looking after a new, green friend. No matter if you’re a flower, palm leaf, or cactus kinda gal, a house plant will equip you with some srs lifeskills.

Be More Positive

Just read the heading and thought ew, no thanks? Then this new years resolution is deffo for you! 2020 is the year of positivity, so make your goal for the year to be more positive. Swap your negative thoughts for positive ones, make an effort to give compliments and be grateful for what you have to make this year your most positive yet.

Less Time On Social Media

One of our abs fave new years resolution ideas is to GTFO your phone and live in the present moment more. Start by cutting down your time on social media. Spend ages scrolling, liking and sharing? Turn this into actual social time, spent with your friends fam or work squad. ‘Cos real memories are always better than virtual ones!

Go On Holiday

Pack your case, grab your passport and make 2020 the year that you get yourself on that holiday! Travel is good for the soul, babe, so save up and head to that desti you’ve been crushin’ on. Cut back on those same-same nights out and cheeky Fri night takeaways and prepare to make some memories.

Try A New Diet

This is one of the more cliche new years resolution ideas, but it’s a tried and trusted one for sure! Wanna cut out meat for environmental reasons? Go for it. Fancy trying keto ‘cos you love steak? Now is the time. Dying to go vegan? Here is the perf opportunity! Who knows, it may turn into a habit that you keep all year long.

Read More

Knowledge is power, so make your new year’s resolution to read more. From fiction, to factual, read your fave kinda book for an evening well spent. ‘Cos bingeing Netflix series does kinda get boring after a while!

Now we’ve given you total goals for your new year’s resolution 2020 list, we can’t wait to celebrate this NYE! Check our our new years eve clothing collection or new years eve dresses to sort your perf outfit.