Beth's Luxe Life - Working In Fashion Ecommerce

Want all the BTS goss on how to score a fashion ecommerce job? If you've got your eye on the fashion job scene RN and need a few pointers on where to get started, what it's like to work in fashion ecommerce and what goes on at FL HQ, check out all the info from our girl, Beth!


beth swindells ecommerce assistant


Beth Swindells

Job Title

Ecommerce Assistant

How did you get your job at FL?

I was proactive and sent a DM on Instagram to the Femme Luxe page. I sent through my CV and showed off my skills which helped me land my job! I recommend going out of your comfort zone and messaging the company you want to work for directly, it's a lot more personal than just another CV in the pile.

What’s your average day include?

I create content for the Instagram stories and blog, schedule everything so it’s ready to go and also assist on campaign shoots.

What’s your fave part of your job?

I love getting out of the office and helping to coordinate the location shoots. It’s great to have a hands on input into the campaigns and getting to eat out at my fave restaurants is an added extra, a girls gotta eat!

Fave FL memory?

beth rave

I loved the Femme Luxe Christmas event. We got to party and say thanks to all our fave Femme Luxe bloggers and enjoy (maybe a little too much) freeflowing prosecco. I also loved our Ibiza campaign shoot. We got to help with the campaign at a beautiful villa and headed to Hi club afterwards for a quick rave.

Celeb girl crush?

molly mae

Molly-Mae, because I love her style, hair and face. I’m obsessed with her!

What’s your fave food?


My fave ever food is a good curry. I love a biriyani with madras or masala sauce washed down with a coke.

3 Songs on your office playlist RN

Ed Sheeran - Small Bump
Drake - Money In The Grave
Mary J Blige - No More Drama

Night in or night out?

Night out - depends who it’s with!

All black or neon?

I like neon! I’m all about a neon bodysuit.

Chocolate or crisps?

Crisps, my faves are sensations sweet chilli.

Santorini or Ibiza?

Ibiza now, but when I get married I deffo would switch it to Santorini!

Describe your style in 3 words.

beth swindells style

Comfy, lazy, casual. 
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