Stripe bodysuit trend

Stripe bodysuit

Hi Girls, quick recap on our fave striped bodysuits for our summer styling. When it comes to being the best dressed this season it’s a no brainer that with the amount of publicity that stripes have received, they are going to heavily influence this seasons clothing choices and in demand styles.

Not only are stripes a big player on the run up to the summer of 2018, the floral patterns are on the climb along with satin fabric so in this edition of the femme luxe blogs, were talking bodysuits, how the suit the summer styling and the best ways to dress them up for any go to events you may be considering to attend this summer.


Stripe bodysuit

Hi Girls, quick recap on our fave striped bodysuits for our summer styling. When it comes to being the best dressed this season it’s a no brainer that with the amount of publicity that stripes have received, they are going to heavily influence this seasons clothing choices and in demand styles.

Not only are stripes a big player on the run up to the summer of 2018, the floral patterns are on the climb along with satin fabric so in this edition of the femme luxe blogs, were talking bodysuits, how the suit the summer styling and the best ways to dress them up for any go to events you may be considering to attend this summer.


Striped bodysuit long sleeve

Long sleeved striped bodysuits are a great place to start when it comes to slaying all of our trends this season. The easiest option for this would be the black and white satin plunge collar bodysuit. With its elegant yet classic black and white detailing you know that you’re effortlessly in style as no matter what colour you wear with this chic striped bodysuit you won’t clash. Whether you opt to make a co-ord out of this bodysuit and throw on the matching black and white striped trousers or maybe keep it classic with some plain black pants , this striped bodysuit is a must have for every girl on the go this summer. Being perfectly appropriate for the office with a thin camisole vest beneath it if you’re put off by the plunge neck line, and equally as hot worn on a night out with some high shine PU leggings, this striped bodysuit from femmeluxefinery is a total knockout.

If you feel like giving this look a go yourself then jump over to the bodysuit section and browse for yourself at the in demand range of stripes that are creeping up.

Don’t think it stops their though, the range of striped bodysuits at femmeluxe is only just beginning.

With many more colourful options available to get a little bit of summer brightness in our wardrobes colourful striped bodysuits such as Red stripe long sleeve bodysuit and the blue pattern satin bodysuit just tip the iceberg on the summer colours we are seeing. Both of these are perfect for office and day to day wear just depending on how you style up your newly found striped bodysuit.



For a very casual approach to this seasons summer styling you can pair up your red and black stripy bodysuit with some skinny jeans and every day footwear such as trainers for an easy laid back look that makes your day to day life a little easier with no top riding up. However, this look can also be taken into other situations too. For the first example, the red stripe long sleeve bodysuit still works in an office situation with a cute cropped blazer and pants or for a night out look team this striped bodysuit with your fave wide leg trousers or hot PU and killer heels for a look no one will forget. The best thing about this red striped bodysuit is whether your big busted or a little less fortunate on your chest area, this bodysuit may be low cut, but isn’t dependant on assets to fill it out with its usual top like approach.


On the other hand, if you did like the shirt appearance from the black and white plunge bodysuit then you are bound to like the other styles of striped bodysuit shirts that are flying out of femmeluxefinerys bodysuit collection.

The blue pattern satin bodysuit from femme luxe is taking the stripe trend on in its own way, although this is not technically a full stripe bodysuit, the geometric pattern across this item still slays that stripe trend and remember from my previous blogs, blue is going to be a big colour this year. Yet again this is an amazing multi wear item for ladies of any age or size with its wide collar and plunging neckline also subtly adding to that stripe detail by being quite sharp cut. While the office uses or party uses may follow similar if not the same guidelines, this isn’t the sort of bodysuit for an off duty day.

With that being said if you pair this blue satin bodysuit up with your fave go to jeans, you instantly get the perfect smart casual approach to go to any interviews or meeting you might have to attend over the summer. With some cute black barely there’s and you look instantly ready for that lunch date!



Long sleeve lace bodysuit

Long sleeved lace bodysuits are simply not the thing for summer I’m afraid girls, as pretty as they may look or seem, when it comes to comfort and practicality you could not be further away when it comes to lace. While we would never recommend lace bodysuits for any workplace environment, they can make super cute outfits and when we can incorporate the stripe trend in with them, why not?

Red lace bodysuits are a need for any girl out there, though you may find lace bodysuits to be much more popular as lingerie, that’s not always strictly true, especially in the summer months, a lace bodysuit really can make a cute outfit centre piece. So why not step out of your comfort zone a little and throw on a hot red lace bodysuit from femmeluxefinery such as the red sheer lace bodysuit. This is a must have item for girls at least once in their lifetime.  Another red bodysuit worth mentioning although it’s not lace, it does follow the stripe trend with its cut out sides and stripe detailing. The red cut out stripe detailed bodysuit is another winner this season that when paired with some hot PU leggings makes a jaw dropping look that no one will forget. You could literally be the queen of the smart casual look this season in the striped bodysuit. With its long sleeves and slim fit styling, what’s not to love? Again red isn’t really the most work place colour of the year until you know the perfect outfits you can make using red and your starter point but with connotations of passion and aggression all in one or something else at all , you see why this may not be the best work place colour.

Carrying on with the bodysuit long sleeve style, with many different styles and patterns I think it’s only fair that the floral satin shirt bodysuits get an honorable mention.  With a luxe satin material and slim fit long sleeves, these bodysuits give the illusion of a perfectly fitted shirt. Along with their plunge neckline and their wide collars, these bodysuits are fantastic for girls of all shapes and sizes. If you are a slightly larger lady or were lucky enough to be blessed at the chest then this bodysuit is easily a must have for you. Being able to flaunt what you’ve got while staying chic is a win and in a satin floral bodysuit you just can’t go wrong.  However, I understand some of you may be a little worried having so much on display. If this situation does apply to you then you can still wear one of these hot satin bodysuits, just pair it with a higher cut camisole vest and you’re good to go. For all our little ladies out these or those who don’t really have the cleavage to put on display, don’t worry about it. You can look fantastic rocking a floral striped bodysuit too. Your key to style is just in your accessories.



Say you have a black long sleeve bodysuit n our satin floral bodysuits, you don’t want the bare chest space below to be too noticeable, so our quick fix solution falls to your jewelry.  A multi pendant necklace would hang in the gap where your bodysuit splits and instead of the bare skin the necklace will become a focal point. Why not try really coordinating your outfit by getting charms or pendants that match the floral coloured pattern across your bodysuit to really complete the look?