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Do you know that where is the heart of fashion styling? I think that you know… Paris? Rome? New York? London? Istanbul? Madrid? No. none of these are the beating heart of the universal styling. The correct answer is: STREETS! Fashion always flows on streets on the beautiful ladies of London, pretty girls of Paris, sexy women of Madrid and all other people around the world. The streets make people decide what to wear on which points of them. A jacket or a coat is something that you only wear at streets. You don’t wear a fur jacket at home or while working out in the gym! So we can say that one of the most effective trends in street fashion is coats and jackets. Now let’s see what is this fantastic trend’s pieces and rules of usage in 2018…


Summer – spring styling

With leaving the autumn and winter season behind us, the coats and jackets are also going to the very deep parts of our closets. But hey! Jackets can always be used! Come and read the article to see how if you’re shocked now…


Blazer jackets are useful for all seasons. The stylish look they give you can’t be replaced with anything else. At parties, job interviews, dates, get-togethers and many other occasions, blazers are very useful. Matching a blazer is also very easy. You can wear them over your dresses, tops, trousers and many other things. Just select the time and the place and go for the right blazer for you.


Winter – autumn styling

Jackets and coats are playing the most important role in AW trends. Can you imagine a winter or autumn without colourful, nice and fancy jackets? Well, of course no. so we all must know how to wear these and what to do with them. Come with us to the next paragraphs and see what’s going around in the street fashion styles…


Ripped jeans and leathers

The best must haves of street fashion are for sure the ripped jeans and leather jackets. If there’s a fashion trend which is presenting you a street fashion collection without ripped jeans and leathers, there is a problem with that fashion! Believe me! For making a comfy and stylish street fashion just come to femmeluxefinery each year for the newest trends with the lowest prices.


2018 street fashion

If you’re thinking desperately about how to represent your own style in a street fashion styling, then you no more have to be worried… just read our articles and learn fashion. Wearing suitable for the temperature is the most powerful symbol of being trendy. Also using colourful pieces in your combinations would make you look smarter. So the most important rule in 2018 fashion forecast of winter and autumn is wearing appropriate for the weather and also using colourful pieces in your style.


Fur coats

Maybe that’s a bit classic but the best pieces of each fashion show are their fur coats. The elegant fur and feather coats are always going perfect with miniskirts and high heel boots .



There’s lot more than this on our blog about street fashion, coats, jackets and all other categories. So for articles like this and more visit our blog

Women Coats and Jackets for Any Occasion

From casual to the smartest ensembles, coats have always been a wardrobe essential. Need classy long grey coat or extravagant feather jacket? No problem. Femme Luxe online store is happy to offer you a great variety of cheap women coats and jackets. We are sure that even the ladies with the most refined taste will be able to find something to their liking. Besides, our prices will definitely please you. At our store, we sell various kinds of ladies coats all over the UK. Among them are:

  • • Waterfall long coats
  • • Free flow waterfall dip hem coats
  • • Ostrich feather coats
  • • Faux fur parka coats
  • • Faux fur lined camouflage hooded parka coats
  • • Slim fit bomber jackets

Coats That Will Keep You Warm and Make You Look Stunning

Women winter coats are available in different styles and colors. Our classic collection of waterfall duster coats is offered in mustard, camel, black, and other colors. These coats go well with elegant outfits, heels and over the knee boots. Versatile and figure flattering long garment will look nice on any woman. Perfect for cool springs or autumns.

Luxurious hip length ostrich feather coats are great for winter and autumn glamorous events. They have been popular among women since the beginning of the 19th century. Great with jeans, classy slacks, or cocktails/evening dresses. Available in grey, black, and mink colors. They are lightweight and soft.

Those ladies, who look for more casual outerwear, can choose black or pink faux fur parka coats. They are cool weather essentials and never out of fashion. Each coat has a cozy fur-lined hood that will always keep you warm. Pink parka coat is among our most wanted items as it is bright and stylish. Besides, it goes well with any casual clothes and footwear. Camo style lovers can also consider several camouflage coats offered in the store.

To make your casual or sport outfit complete, you definitely need one of our stylish bomber jackets. We offer polyester and silk options. You will undoubtedly find the one that will soon become your favorite outer clothing for chilly summer days.

Shop for Ladies’ Coats Online

If you are looking for cheap women coats in the UK, Femme Luxe is what you need. We have no doubt that you will find something for you as our collection has coats for any occasion. Also, check our discounted items for the best shopping experience.



Take the layers up a notch with fresh new season appeal and keep your style practical and on-point in our must-have selection of women's coats and jackets. Shop everything from the latest on-trend staple feather jacket, casual cool bomber jackets, classic faux fur coat, to high impact duster coats. From monochrome, statement prints and neutral colour hues. Cover up in style and throw one of our women's feather jackets over everything from dresses to jeans and oh-so-sass heels. Or layer your leather over chunky knits to keep cool weather appropriate whilst looking on-point. If there’s one piece you invest in to carry you through the new season, make it the statement coat.

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Nude Oversized Crop Hoodie - Crystal

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Khaki US. Army Style Padded Bomber Jacket - Drew

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Wine Padded Bomber Jacket - leia

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Wine Fleecy Oversized Hoodie - Alex

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Camel Fleecy Oversized Hoodie - Alex

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Camel Fur Pocketed Jacket - Jane

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Camel Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Mocha Waterfall Belted Coat - Daya

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Black Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Navy Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Khaki Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Stone Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

£14.99 Regular price WAS £23.99

Khaki Padded Bomber Jacket

Khaki Padded Bomber Jacket

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Grey Faux Fur Gilet

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Red Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Off White Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Beige Waterfall Belted Coat - Daya

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Mustard Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Denim Pearl Detail Distressed Jacket - Isha

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Beige Suede Frill Blazer

Beige Suede Frill Blazer

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Camel Cropped Trucker Jacket - Holden

£16.99 Regular price WAS £29.99

Rose Suede Frill Blazer

Rose Suede Frill Blazer

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Khaki Cropped Trucker Jacket - Holden

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Red Animal Leopard Print Denim Jacket - Samira

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Mocha Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat

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Brown Cropped Shaggy Jacket - Avril

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