Summer is here with its rough and comfortable trends and guess what, it hasn’t forgot the jumpsuits again! The colourful and stripy touches are also added to these new season jumpsuits for all of us jumpsuit lovers. The jumpsuits, surviving from 2016 till now is jumping into streets with a more dynamic look than ever. The comfy and pleasant dear jumpsuits are getting the popularity again with their widest legs, high waists and different small and big patterns. The one word but a whole world “jumpsuit” is easily combined with anything in the best ways and has the ability turn an office girl into a club master! How? Let’s see…


A t-shirt, jeans and a salopette jumpsuit is these days’ coolest casual look. A floral or striped jumpsuit coming together with a pair of sportive shoes can also give you the same effortless look. It’s natural, easy and trendy. What else do you want?! It’s a charismatic and cool and in the same time comfortable style. In summary, both ends are magic wands!

One-piece styling

As coming to the one-piece styling up, the most important factor in getting a perfect look is your accessories. The shoes, purses, and jewelry choices you make, will easily turn your look from one style to another. You can be a cool party girl with one choice and a formal boss baby with another and the same jumpsuit in both! So for learning how and with which clothes, just go to our blog and read the fashion articles.

Body portions and styles

for making your upper body look taller, you can use the envelope cuts and for giving a daddy long legs look just wear a high waisted jumpsuit with belts. No matter you’re skinny or overweight, you can always wear jumpsuits and look gorgeous. It’s very nice to have such a perfect piece that we can wear with any shape of us!

Hot chili

Looking hot and sexy is also very much possible with these fantastic beauties. A strapless, bardot or cold shoulder jumpsuit is the best way to turn anyone’s head easily. As combined with a blazer, it can be perfect for dinner dates, formal parties and even soirees!

Modern look

These days’ modern looks can sometimes taste bitter for some people but this one isn’t going to sting anyone. The low cut jumpsuits, wide leg ones and patterned are all very much popular this season. Just go ahead and pick one to look modern and rock around with the cheapest and trendiest clothes of UK.

And now that you have the overall fashion knowledge of wearing and combining jumpsuits, you can go and pick your favorite ones from femme luxe. But if you want to combine it like an expert or a fashion icon, just go and read our articles in our blog and then decide what to wear. Remember, we are always here for you so don’t forget to follow our new ins and new articles.

At Femme Luxe we have jumpsuits that will make you stand out from the crowd this season we're feeling structured tailoring, plunging necklines, pastel shades and bold monochrome vibes – so grab a clutch, pile on the jewellery and get ready to party! Fancy something a little more casual for a shopping trip with your squad? No problem. Go with a sleeveless front wrap jumpsuit in a block colour, pair with flats and you're ready to shop until you drop. Jumpsuits are the go-to steeze for the girl on the go that always wants to make a statement this season!


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Black Mesh Under Bust Jumpsuit - Juliana

£19.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Button Detail Belted Jumpsuit - Echo

£25.99 Regular price WAS £34.99


White Mesh Under Bust Jumpsuit - Juliana

£19.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Multi Stripe Belted Jumpsuit - Anita

£20.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Red Multi Stripe Belted Jumpsuit - Anita

£20.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Colour Contrast Belted Jumpsuit - Bonnie

£16.99 Regular price WAS £43.99

Rainbow-Striped-Belted-Culotte-Jumpsuit- Shelby

Striped Belted Culotte Jumpsuit - Kiara

£24.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


White Striped Tie Waist Jumpsuit - Opal

£23.99 Regular price WAS £40.99


Black Slinky Jumpsuit – Heather

£20.99 Regular price WAS £35.99


Knot Front Jumpsuit - Madison White

£24.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Green Multi Stripe Belted Jumpsuit - Anita

£14.99 Regular price WAS £33.99

Blue contrast belted jumpsuit

Blue Contrast Belted Jumpsuit - Bonnie

£19.99 Regular price WAS £43.99


Multistripe Frill Jumpsuit - Niamh

£21.99 Regular price WAS £30.99


Rainbow Wide Leg Stripe Jumpsuit - Terri

£14.99 Regular price WAS £31.99


Grey Slinky Jumpsuit – Heather

£16.99 Regular price WAS £35.99


Red Sleeveless Belted Stripe Jumpsuit - Samantha

£19.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Black Cut Out Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Lynn

£22.99 Regular price WAS £38.99


Rust Slinky Jumpsuit – Heather

£16.99 Regular price WAS £35.99

white bandeau wide leg jumpsuit - sienna

White Bandeau Wide Leg Jumpsuit - Sienna

£24.99 Regular price WAS £41.99


Beige Leopard Print Belted Jumpsuit - Harlow

£24.99 Regular price WAS £33.99

Blue with white stripe jumpsuit

Blue With White Stripe Jumpsuit - Montana

£22.99 Regular price WAS £38.99


Red With White Stripe Jumpsuit - Montana

£22.99 Regular price WAS £38.99


Black With Mustard Stripe Jumpsuit - Montana

£22.99 Regular price WAS £38.99

black jumpsuit with white lace - louella

Black Jumpsuit With White Lace - Louella

£24.99 Regular price WAS £41.99


White Jumpsuit With Black Lace - Louella

£24.99 Regular price WAS £41.99


Black Side Stripe Jumpsuit - Alana

£15.99 Regular price WAS £26.99


White Tropical Print Jumpsuit - Gracey

£23.99 Regular price WAS £40.99


Blue Floral Frill Jumpsuit - Libby

£28.99 Regular price WAS £48.99