Little Black Dresses

Let’s talk about the timeless wonderful and magical piece of clothing, the little black dress. Our wardrobe’s most lifesaving piece which has come to life with the amazing Coco Chanel, the black little dress, can fit itself into any combination and can be styled up with almost anything. So how and where these little beauties can be worn? Let’s see…

Overall tips

A little black dress can be worn at office, parties or daily life time passing outs. This “must have” piece can give you a moderate look by combining it up with the same colour leather heels. Little black dresses combining up with the same textured fabric on shoes and purse, and some little pearl earrings can lead to a fantastic and elegant look like Angelina Jolie’s look while attending the G8 meeting in London.

Colourful black!

You can add colours to your little black dress combination with adding up colour to your accessories and shoes. Olivia Wilde’s little mesh black dress with its sheer cut-outs at Tribeca Film Festival was very simple but chique but she did what I told you just now and wore some colourful (blue-silver) shoes and she turned into a WOW. You can also use colours like bronze, beige, gold and etc. for getting the best results.

Getting crazy with the colours is my favorite style! Purple, violet, fuchsia, turquoise and other girlish vamp colours like these can go perfect with a simple little black dress. You can add up these colours to your accessories or shoes. Or just look at the graphic print t-shirt dresses with colourful details worn by our dearest model and get inspired for your whole life!

Formal looks

If you’re going to wear a little black dress for a formal and elegant ambient like soirees or movie galas, then you’d better choose the tight formed ones which can show your bodylines better. For such a style, you can wear black suede stilettos with a mini black plunge studded detail bodycon dress and a black suede portfolio clutch. If your clutch has some silver or gold details, then wear the same coloured earrings with its detail.

The best accessories

Big necklaces, heavy earrings or thick bracelets are the best accessories for a little black dress. Portfolio clutches are also looking very nice with these little beauties. For a super cool look, you can wear black opaque tights with knee high sock boots and a little black dress like the black cup detail bodycon mini dress of femmeluxefinery.

Do you know what is the best accessory for a little black dress? Shades! Opaque black sunglasses or ombre shades are one of the best matches for a little black dress.

The best jewelries for these dresses are pearl, turquoise stone, agate and moonstone in a classic combination. For more modern looks you can style your dress up with golden, silver or bronze huge jewelries.

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Black PU One Shoulder Midi Dress - Sorcha

£17.99 Regular price WAS £26.99

Black PU Open Back Bodycon Mini Dress - Tasha

Black PU Open Back Bodycon Mini Dress - Tasha

£19.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Belted Bodycon Midi Dress - Angelica

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Black Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress - Amara

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Black One Shoulder Maxi Dress - Opal

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Black Slinky Ruched Split Leg Maxi Dress - Mariah

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Black Crochet One Shoulder Mini Dress - Deena

£14.99 Regular price WAS £26.99


Black Knitted One Shoulder Midi Dress - Sorcha

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Black crochet one shoulder maxi dress - Skylar

£19.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Cut Out Bodycon Mini Dress - Olesya

£10.99 Regular price WAS £20.99


Black Cami Knitted Side Split Maxi dress - Thea

£18.99 Regular price WAS £28.99

Black Bardot Knitted Mini Dress - Carmen

Black Bardot Knitted Mini Dress - Carmen

£13.99 Regular price WAS £27.99


Black Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

£13.99 Regular price WAS £23.99


Black Crochet One Shoulder Midi Dress - Armelle

£14.99 Regular price WAS £28.99

Black One Shoulder Midi Dress

Black One Shoulder Midi Dress

£15.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Cami Side Cut Mini Dress - Catriona

£14.99 Regular price WAS £24.99


Black Fine Knit Maxi Dress - Paige

£9.99 Regular price WAS £31.99


Black Split Leg Bandeau Mini Dress - Ailie

£13.99 Regular price WAS £22.99


Black Side Split Bandeau Midi Dress - Tiffany

£16.99 Regular price WAS £26.99


Black High Neck Lace Top Mini Dress - Chyna

£4.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Bardot Frill Button Mini Dress - Trudy

£13.99 Regular price WAS £23.99


Black Side Split Crochet Maxi Dress - Melody

£4.99 Regular price WAS £25.99


Black Bodycon Long Sleeve Jumper Dress - Cara

£19.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Front Twist Bodycon Midi Dress

£9.99 Regular price WAS £35.99


Black Bandeau Cut Out Mini Dress - Leana

£9.99 Regular price WAS £19.99


Black Bardot Bow Front Midi Dress - Effie

£18.99 Regular price WAS £28.99