Little White Dresses

The innocence of white is taking over the summer fashion. No matter it’s coming as which fabric or what style, the white dresses are getting super trendy. Lace, gauze, patterned, inlaid or plain… it doesn’t matter which fabric they are, they all are pure and beautiful. Specially this new trend of little white dresses is going to rule the fashion world as it seems! Everywhere is getting painted in white and a little white dress can be enough with becoming a diva for the whole season.

Street fashion’s every season favorite colour, white, is not flowing into the mini dresses. And guess what? This season’s undisputed most favorite piece is again the mini white dresses. At the beaches, streets, day and night, parties and in any occasion we will see the white mini dresses on many people. the little white dress is becoming the closets’ lifesaving piece with its different looks as mini or midi.

Lace effect

Lace is the first thing coming to everybody’s minds as talking about little white dresses. Also the white lace dresses can be used day and night now easily. So let’s say, the little white dresses are coming with the huge lace effect!

Brightest shade of linen

Simple, plain, straight but linen in any case is the rescuer of the heat. For being simple but smart and effortless but flashy a linen white dress is enough. If you have selected your combination’s biggest piece, a linen dress, as white, then you can use all other pieces in the neutral colour of soil and beige.

Wear for wherever you want logics!

Instead of thinking about what to wear and what to style up, you can put on a one-piece dress and this is the summer magic. In addition to the floral dresses, this summer is also going to bloom up with the bright colours and the best of all, white. As coming to the accessories the less the better! So can we say that we’re going to have an ultra-simple season? I think so….

Romantic sportive

Maybe these two words are a bit weird sitting next to each other but I promise I can explain you the reasons I’m making up such an idiom. The romantic attitude of lace joining the innocence of white paints the pattern details with the world’s purest colour. If the simplest and most minimalist combinations get a bit out of expectations, they turn into sportive alternatives. And as a result we gain a super romantic and sportive look without any extra effort.

Scarves and accessories

A little white dress can easily give a bustling and active look with the littlest fashion touches. For example, wearing a colourful foulard or scarf over a little white dress with giant colourful jewelries can give a totally different ambience to your look.

Freshness of jean jackets

One of the best matching pieces with a mini white dress is the jean jacket. A both sportive and Bohemian look is the coolest thing that you can have and it’s possible easily with a jean jacket and a white little dress. You can wear heels or sneakers under them or some Boho style boots.

Colourful details

The whiteness of a little white dress can mostly be shown with colourful accessories. A pair of giant blue earrings or an eye-catching necklace and even some colourful shoes would make your little white dress look even prettier.


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White Bardot Button Front Bodycon Dress - Lyric

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White Slinky Ruched Split Leg Maxi Dress - Mariah

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White Crochet One Shoulder Midi Dress - Armelle

£19.99 Regular price WAS £34.99

White Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

White Cami Strap Maxi Dress - Serenna

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White Bardot Knitted Mini Dress - Carmen

£14.99 Regular price WAS £28.99

White Belted Bodycon Midi Dress  - Angelica

White Belted Bodycon Midi Dress - Angelica

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White Bow Front Cut Out Mini Dress - Taliha

£19.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


White Floral Satin Bardot Dress - Safron

£19.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


White Fine Knit Maxi Dress - Paige

£21.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


White Scarf Print Shirt Dress - Bianca

£20.99 Regular price WAS £35.99


White Striped Bodycon Midi Dress - Demi

£24.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


White Frill Detail Maxi Dress - Jaycee

£13.99 Regular price WAS £23.99

White Frill Mini Bodycon Dress - Kelly

White Frill Mini Bodycon Dress - Kelly

£15.99 Regular price WAS £27.99


White High Neck Mesh Front Midi Dress - Nikol

£18.99 Regular price WAS £31.99


White Ruched Bodycon Mini Dress - Amara

£19.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


White Barbot Button Up Tea Dress - Rebecca

£18.99 Regular price WAS £27.99


White One Shoulder Maxi Dress - Opal

£14.99 Regular price WAS £23.99


White Bardot Frill Midi Dress - Fiona

£12.99 Regular price WAS £21.99


White Button Embellished Blazer Dress

£12.99 Regular price WAS £31.99


Black And White Bardot Mini Dress - Clara

£13.99 Regular price WAS £23.99


White Pop Art T-Shirt Dress - leonie

£14.99 Regular price WAS £26.99

White collared bodycon mini dress - nina

White Collared Bodycon Mini Dress - Nina

£16.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Pink and white stripe Button Mini Dress - Kara

£20.99 Regular price WAS £29.99


White Fine Knit Cap Sleeve Maxi Dress - Emma

£14.99 Regular price WAS £27.99


Metallic White Bodycon Mini Dress - Zoe

£21.99 Regular price WAS £30.99


White Floral Belted Midi Dress - Sherley

£12.99 Regular price WAS £36.99


White Mesh Fishnet Dress - Fern

£17.99 Regular price WAS £30.99


White Ribbon Detail Split Dress - Kendra

£22.99 Regular price WAS £38.99