With spring and summer seasons arriving slowly, the weather is getting warmer day by day. There’s no doubt that one of the key pieces you need in your wardrobe will be swimsuits. You may be one of those who has a worn-out swimsuit which has been left from last summer’s beach parties, but trends have changed and the past is the past! You have to get some new trendy, fancy and stylish swimsuits to be ready for the summer. Keep in mind the unspoken swimwear rules when finding this summer's hottest looks. Here are those rules:

Be realistic

So you’re doing mall shopping or online shopping or even window shopping and you just see that perfect swimwear you were always head over heels for. While trying it on or imagining it on your body, don’t see it with pink glasses! Maybe sometimes the reality is different than what you always wanted! for example the strapped bikinis would look perfect on a super slim body but you ain’t going to get the same results if you have the slight fats sticking to you from that delicious Christmas dinner!

Be specific

While buying a swimsuit, search the internet for the newest trends. You can always trust on us for that problem because we are talking about the newest trends in our blog every day. So for buying a perfect 2018 model trendy swimwear ( bikini, swimsuit or bodysuit ) you’d better search and read in our articles and pick the perfect style for your body type. Now it’s time for shopping! Buy the same exact thing that you were thinking about and be specific about it. Because buying a swimsuit with the slightest changes in the style and shape which is suiting you is too risky that may cause a chaos! so for buying the perfect swimsuit, it’s not enough if you just fit into it, but you have to look good in that.

Bikini or mayo?

If you have a little tummy and you can’t get rid of it until summer, then you probably shouldn’t buy bikinis. A very modern, nice asymmetrical cut mayo ( bodysuit ) would be perfect for you. If you have large hips and glutes, then you should get the attentions to your upper body with wearing some plunge and sexy swimwear. A bikini would be perfect for those who are a bit slimmer and don’t have a saggy tummy.

Trust and buy

You can always buy a size which is fitting you from the same brand without trying it. But you should be really careful. Because some of the clothing brands, doesn’t stay loyal to their sizes and they change from style to style. And also buy from the brands which you’ve tried or heard about it before. Trusting a brand for the first time is a bit hard. Femmeluxefinery can support you with both loyalty to the sizes, and trustworthiness. You can always depend on us.

With the fashion world growing bigger, women have the chance to look the best and take all the attention on themselves. With wearing the right swimsuit, you can gather all the attention of your summer vacation hotties to yourself! So why are you waiting? Come and get your perfect hotties’ magnet swimsuit!

Dive in to our poolside perfect collection here at Femme Luxe we have the latest must-have women's swimwear, bikini separates and on-style swimsuits. Hit up those pool parties in sultry cut-out styles, revealing relentless mesh and bold colour blocking. Make waves with eye-catching prints and barely there, head-turning swimwear styles. Don't stop at swimwear - style it out with the right finishing touches and shop essential cover ups with the latest from our kaftans and kimonos. Finish off any poolside look with those must-have oversized sunnies and step up the glam with a wide brim hat. Beach please! Anything you need for that much needed vacay - we got you covered.

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Black Fine Knit Maxi Dress - Paige

£9.99 Regular price WAS £31.99


Black Scarf Print Swimwear Set- Freya

£29.99 Regular price WAS £43.99


Black Crochet Mini Dress - Elle

£14.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black One Shoulder Cut Out Swimsuit - Skye

£13.99 Regular price WAS £23.99


Fuchsia Padded Bikini Top - Kaylee

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99


Crochet Tie Front Top - Nova

£4.99 Regular price WAS £23.99

Blue Striped Bikini Bottoms - Sarocha

Blue Striped Bikini Bottoms - Sarocha

£4.99 Regular price WAS £13.99


Oragne Triangle bikini top - pippa

£4.99 Regular price WAS £18.99


White Floral Bardot Two Piece Co-ord Set - Hannah

£15.99 Regular price WAS £31.99


Blue Stripe Detail Bikini Top -jackie

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99


Red High Rise Swimsuit - Elise

£14.99 Regular price WAS £35.99


Purple Chiffon Belted Kimono - Alison

£4.99 Regular price WAS £30.99

Cuffed-Chain-Link-Detail Trousers-Ashley

Black Cuffed Chain Link Detail Trousers - Ashley

£19.99 Regular price WAS £29.99


White Cuffed Chain Link Detail Trousers - Ashley

£19.99 Regular price WAS £29.99


White Fine Knit Maxi Dress - Paige

£9.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Sky Blue Chiffon Belted Kimono - Alison

£4.99 Regular price WAS £30.99


High Rise Bikini Bottoms - Pippa

£4.99 Regular price WAS £18.99


Cream With Stripe Detail Bikini Top - Carla

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99


Cream With Stripe Detail Bikini Bottoms - Carla

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99


Yellow Stripe Detail Bikini Top -jackie

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99


Orange Crochet Mini Dress - Elle

£10.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


White Red And Blue Contrast Bikini Top - Brandy

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99


Black Stripe Detail Bikini Bottoms - Jackie

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99

Beige High Rise Swimsuit - Elise

Beige High Rise Swimsuit - Elise

£4.99 Regular price WAS £35.99


Black Stripe Detail Bikini Top -jackie

£4.99 Regular price WAS £14.99