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Last years’ two piece set trend has been stuck to the fashion without letting it go and is getting trendier day by day with fancier styles. Turning into a must have piece of women’s wardrobe, the two piece sets, can be combined easily with anything due to their high harmony between the two pieces of them. With spring’s bells starting ringing slowly, the two piece sets are also coming to the platform little by little more than before. The low cut trousers are also getting very fashionable in the two piece sets that we are starting to see them everywhere in our daily life and on streets.



For reaching a workplace style you can easily wear one of these two piece sets. But the thing you’re supposed to be careful of is that the belly part shouldn’t be seen. The flowing fabrics would also look very pretty on you for a work style. A pair of high waisted flowing wide leg trousers and a top set would be amazing


White is trending badly

White, cream and their other tonalities are keeping their place in fashion trends from last year’s summer-spring trends. The frequently seen white two piece sets in these days on street, can make you look trendy, modern and very flowing in the same time. But it’s also very important that which pieces are you going to combine them with. Your accessories are extremely important here and should be chosen wisely. A jacket and stilettos over a white two-piece set is an awesome choice for pre spring days.


Skirts and tops

One of my favorite models in two piece sets are the ones with skirts. They can make you look like a lady or a clubber with your combination choices.


Patterns and colours

As you probably know this year is the year of colours and patterns. Stripes, floral details, colourful designs and so on… Let’s say it’s going to be a fun season. And it’s the same about two piece sets too. They all are very nice and trendy. The colours will make you let yourself go and the stripes are going to make your body shape slimmer and your height taller. They are fantastic.


Sportive looks

With the very comfortable sporty two-piece sets you can go jogging or use them as nightwear pyjamas. They can be combined with different things to give different looks for different occasions. Well, they are one of the bests.


So if you haven’t bought one yet, just go down the page and visit our two-piece set gallery. Here is the best place you’ll ever find in UK that has the best quality designs with the lowest prices. So help yourself with a femmeluxefinery design feast!

Two Piece sets at Femme Luxe… We only show the best co-ord trend at the mo’ and we’ve got everything you need for that match made in heaven. Get into business with our sassy but classy suits, crop top and skirt sets made for those Saturday night antics to tracksuits perfect for those lounge days you deserve. Either pair it up with the co-ordinates and or go solo and style them up as separates to keep them perfectly versatile. Inject a bit of fun into your wardrobe this season with our range of colour blocked co-ords made for sleek styling, or go wild and clash your prints, whatever you chose get ready to rock your runway and earn that blogger worthy look you’ve been waiting for and twin it up.

perfect two piece set

When it comes to the perfect two piece set only three things are so important, style comfort and practicality. How many of you can honestly say you will find ill three on the high-street? Exactly. Here at femme luxe we pride ourselves on bringing you the best unique two piece sets in the best quality for the best prices. If you are looking for comfort then why not opt for one of our loungewear two piece sets. The range of soft luxury material and versatile use if enough to drive any one crazy, with the amount of possibilities and styles you can create see which one catches your eye this season.

loungewear two piece sets

With femme luxes every updating index of cheap two piece sets and co-ords, why not treat yourself to some vamped up glam styling’s.

From cropped two pieces and this season’s hottest colours to our classic designer inspired black leggings and crop top we can guarantee there is a two piece set available for everyone for every occasion. Heading to a hot summer bbq? Then why not check out the black small floral two piece set, absolutely ideal for setting and elegant example in the warmer weather. Or perhaps you want to wrap up and stay warm without letting they layers cramp your cool, Then why not try out our pearl loungewear sets. These adorable two piece sets are designed specifically for all you perfect princesses who want to rock the matching trend this season and are ideal for all the colder month that dawn on us sooner than we hope for.

cropped two pieces

On the other hand what not use femme luxes cheap and affordable range to spice it up and add some sexy to your wardrobe in this seasons update. The Cheap PU two piece sets are fantastic when you want to flaunt your figure and show off what your mama gave ya’.

The cheap PU two piece sets available at femme luxe are high quality styles and cuts and available all year round. The Unique styles of the pu two piece sets available in many colours and sizes make sure that you have one for any occasion whether it be a night out with the girls or that all important impression on a first date.

If the latex love isn’t quite up your street then fear not there are many other two piece set options available for you to choose from at femme luxe. The velvet striped two piece set available in candy pastel colours or black is the ideal chic two piece set for you. This is a leading love in the world of two pieces.

Femme luxe has every from of loving two piece to offer you comfort support practicality and style for a fantastic cheap price you won’t have competition with from anywhere else. Forget about the high street, femme luxe is the way forward when looking for the ideal cheap two piece set.

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Orange And White Stripe Two Piece Co-ord Set - Felicity

Orange And White Stripe Two Piece Co-ord Set - Felicity

£24.99 Regular price WAS £43.99 Sold Out


Mustard Crop Top And Trousers Co-ord Set

£18.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Black Crop Top And Trousers Co-ord Set

£18.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Lilac Lace Up Co-ord Set - Charlie

£25.99 Regular price WAS £45.99


Black With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set - Lexi

£18.99 Regular price WAS £35.99

Blue With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set

Blue With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set - Lexi

£19.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Khaki With White Stripe Loungewear Set – Lexi

£19.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Nude With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set - Lexi

£18.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Rust With White Stripe Lounge Wear Set - Lexi

£18.99 Regular price WAS £33.99


Wine Vogue Print loungewear set - Miley

£19.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Grey Loungewear Tracksuit Set

£9.99 Regular price WAS £24.99


Grey Off Shoulder Loungewear Set - Blake

£15.99 Regular price WAS £26.99 Sold Out

Black Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy

Black Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy

£17.99 Regular price WAS £25.00


Black Vogue Print Loungewear Set - Miley

£19.99 Regular price WAS £35.99


Black Loungewear Tracksuit Set

£14.99 Regular price WAS £28.99


Khaki Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy

£17.99 Regular price WAS £25.00


Grey Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set - Lacy

£17.99 Regular price WAS £26.99